Things will work out

Things will work out!

Things always work out. But sometimes I forget that when the next uncertainty comes along. Things have worked out before and they will work themselves out again and I don’t need to be worried.

I was in an uncertain time period of my life, looking at graduating college and possibly going on a mission. I didn’t know quite what to do, but I was sort of interested in marriage too. I tried to plan out my life–mission, graduate school, career, marriage, motherhood. I just didn’t know what would happen and in what order.

I didn’t expect my husband to come into my life when he did. I thought I would be older when I got married. But things worked out! They worked out much better than I could have ever planned for. I hadn’t dated anyone, I hadn’t even been asked out on a date. And then I met Dillon in October and we got the married the next June. It was all so unexpected and so very wonderful.

When I have faced changes and decisions in my life, there has always been a great amount of uncertainty about my future. Life is never how I plan. But things have always worked out for the better. Nothing has come crashing down in utter failure–there usually is very little to be afraid of and to worry about.

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